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August 2009


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Sunday, August 30, 2009


things are sometimes going too fast. you should slow things down a bit. if you go to fast, you might miss the good things in life.

also, will talk about living till an old age

my mum is always rushing off to some place, and always critisises the pedestrians of walkign too slow, the car parking to slow, slow reaction to the green light and so on. sometimes i get really frustrated because i do not understand why she is rushing of to her destination. is the destination where you will find happiness?

personally i find driving, or just sitting in the car and listening to music is happiness. you dont have to go somewhere, or rush off, you can just have a relaxing drive while you go off for your destination. cant you just go with the flow? sometimes you just have to be in the race, you dont always have to win it.

and i also believe others are like that too. my mother likes to be fast. but i dont find it a good skill. well yeah, you get things done fast and efficiently, but you feel happiness in the achievement, not the process. ITS the process that is fun.

happiness is a journey, not a destination. (actually i replaced happiness with "success")


okay. many people say eat healthy, or do some things to make you healthy so that you can live long. the media also says eat raw stuff, or some other thing that will help you live a healthy lifestyle.

what is the purpose of living long? is it really enjoyable. the only thing i find living long fruitful is that you may live to see your grandchildren. other than that, its pretty much a blur.

i feel that as long as you live your live to the fullest, and everyday you make use of it to the maximum, and you are HAPPY, you can go anytime. as long as you live happy, you dont have to live long., makes sense right? well it does to me.

so two things to learn from today.

1. sometimes its good to slow things down and just go with the flow
2.you dont have to live long, just live happily

peace out \/

8:05 AM

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Hello again. Nobody is writing on my tagboard. Oh well.

Todays topic is: Define right from wrong.

Its amazing isnt it? you know what is right and you know what is wrong. If you see somebody murdering somebody else, you know that is wrong. However, why is it wrong? No one knows for sure.

Yep, it may be against your religion and it is a sin, but why?

the person might be killing because that person is bad, and killing would be a good thing.

the person might be killing because out of sheer defence, or anger, or emotionally hi-jacked.

You never know for sure. this is my theory. Our choices are largely affected by so many aspects of our life. Media, Religion, Peer pressure, People pressure and many other things.

Our life is too influence from young until now. People set barriers around us, to try and make us think what is right and what is wrong. these are called rules. but no rule is flawless. there will always be a hole. a gap. an opening. To really understand this, you must open your mind to absolutely everything, even the dumbest ideas, because to you it may be dumb, because you are brought up this way in this kind of environment so you think it is dumb, but actually in real life, if you really open your mind, things that may not make sense may actually make sense.

okay, its getting a bit confusing. im just telling you there is no right or wrong in this world. something that seems wrong to you may seem right to others. it is because our lifestyle and choices are affected so largely by today's society that they influence you into a way of thinking. it may be right, it may be wrong, you will never know.

this is because our mind is such a cmplex organism that even generations of research have not produced fruit. we control the mind, however the mind controls us. this is not possible when i say it like that, but maybe it is. it is because we are influence into thinking only somethings are true, while other are not.

for example, you all think the earth is round. it may not be. it may be squarish, triangular or even hollow. it is because we are thought that the earth is round so our mindsets are switched to this answer, blocking out all the other theories and saying that it is rubbish. but it may not be.

to define right from wrong, we must first understand how to know what we do not know...

5:42 AM

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Hello again.

Today i lost a fight, more of a battle the way see it.

So after school two of my friends were stealing (playing) with my 3rd friends stuff. so i joined in. usually i dont, but today i was pissed because we tried to tackle me, and only ruggers can tackle other people. so we kept playing until there was a guy from another class, he came up and helped my 3rd friend get back his stuff.

so at first i was laughing and playing when he came and tried to take the things away from me (which belongs to my 3rd friend). then he grabbed hold of my hand and told me to return it to my 3rd friend. Then, i still passed it on to my other 2 accomplices but failed, resulting in my 3rd friend getting his stuff back. following this, the guys whom we did not know that came to help my 3rd friend said :" i hate douchebags like you." it was pretty funny at that time, and my brain worked like mad, whether to retaliate, or laugh, apologise,or use the normal term : "none of your buisness".

but i chose to kept quiet. because the best option would be to apologise, but he would say:"dont say sorry to me, say sorry to the guy who you bullied". and that would make me look even more stupid, so i kept quiet. i knew that the battle had already been lost and any more action would make me look even worse, because i was at the wrong. and so i respected him.

he was the first person in many months to make me realised what ive become. usually im a nice person, but someitmes i may become very bad. its just a habit. so he made me realise what i had become, someone i am not proud of.

it made me realise what were the values which i so strongly acted on but neglected at this point of time. integrity, peace, forgiveness, courage, perseverance. these were the values that made me good. i forgot all of them, and today, i got it back.

i thank you, my friend, for making me realise what i did wrong, and i will in future try to change my habits

12:57 AM

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Hi. This is my 3rd post for the day. Im actually just filling space up so the blog doesnt look empty. So anyways, have you ever wondered what is the meaning of life?

The meaning of life. No one really knows what it is. the same type of questions like : which came first. the chicken or the egg?

Chatolics may say it is the quest to acheive perfection and return back to the garden of eden

Others may say the answer to all things is 42 (from hitchhikers)

What do you think?

Okay. Let me tell you my definition of my meaning of life. The meaning of life is to be happy, and make others happy. It could be anything. Do you realise that every thing you do is for a purpose? Either to help someone or improve yourself in a certain area or just even humouring yourself. It all comes down to you striving for happiness. For example:

you painfully study, so that you may pass your exams, sometimes with flying colours so you feel a sense of achievement and your parents are proud of you.

you eat ice cream, to let yourself feel the cooling sensation down your throat killing all the blistering hot stress molecules.

you go to school, so that you can make friends and be part of a community where you feel that you belong somewhere.

you try and be popular, because you will think you feel happy being the talk of everyone.

so you get the point. sometimes happiness does not come at the end though. its comes through the journey. like you play computer games because itsfun WHEN you play it, not after you stop. So happiness can come in any form, but thats not the point. the point is that in everything we do, we do it to strive for happiness, sometimes for you and sometimes for others.

i thought about it for a very long time and came up with a pretty good answer. i hope this satisfies your ponders and doubt.

unless you are still hungry. What is your definition of the meaning of life?

7:15 AM


Today i had this project about some graffiti thing. Im supposed to make a website about it for my term 3 computer studies mark. Anyways, it was pretty fun and i realised much about hip hop.

For first, hip hop is not just about dancing. Its nota dance, its a culture. Hip hop also includes graffiti art, beat boxing, rapping and a few other aspects. So you pretty much breathe hip hop, not just dance, or even feel it. Its in you, and its a way of life.

The one that took me away the most was the graffiti art. Heres a pic

I personally find the graffiti artists more talented than the normal "picasso" artists. But no offence to the professional artists, they too have awesome work, and this is just a personal preference. Just look at the colour, and the design. Sometimes i just ask myself: Is it possible? I cannot understand how they are able to make such masterpieces with a free hand and some spray cans. Amazing. Just Amazing.

So yeah, there were other stuff and i checked out a website that can generate a graffiti name. Just type in any word (or name) and you can choose the cool fonts and combination of colours to make your own personal graffiti name!

Heres the link: http://graffiticreator.net/

3:37 AM

Hello! Okay, this is weird, but well, I think I will start blogging again. But this time, it will be different. I know people do not bother about whats going on about other people's life ( unless you're a stalker on anything), so I will mostly posts about the world, and maybe give some wisdom to all of you. I hope i can make a difference in my life, and in yours.

2:25 AM

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